Need a Quick Asphalt Fix?

Need a Quick Asphalt Fix?

Cold patch is your year-round problem solving material.

Cold patch is a product used year-round to make fast road repairs. The product is used at ambient temperatures and requires no heat. Cold patch application also doesn’t require rollers, as the material is poured into the hole and simply tamped down with a hand tool.

Cold patch doesn’t produce any waste, and can be used for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal projects. Lakeland Asphalt has the experience to patch existing pavement and eliminate imperfections.

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Need cold patch at your property? We deliver!

If you want to repair your own pavement, we deliver cold patch to other companies and government agencies. On top of offering cold patch, we also pave residential driveways, roads and commercial parking lots.

Tell the asphalt contractors at Lakeland Asphalt in Battle Creek, MI about your road repair project today.